Table Of Contents

Will try to keep this updated with links to specific pieces.  Hope you enjoy.

July 2016


       Night Tide

June 2016

A Poet’s Confession

April 2016

The Path

March 2016

The Most Important Thing

Jan 2016

A Fisherman’s Prayer

Nov 2015


There Is Love

Blow Ye Winds

Oct 2015

Rhythm Of The Ocean

Sept 2015

Tidal Pull

Aug 2015


My Heritage

The Salmon’s Tale

July 2015

A Father’s Advice



Apr 2015

To The Ocean From Lord Byron And Me

Pieces of Silver

Mar 2015

Morning Muse


Neptune’s Sheep

Feb 2015



Jan 2015

O Chuitna

The Most Important Thing

An Invitation To The Fisher Poet Gathering

Dec 2014

Tis The Season

On The 12 Days Round Christmas On Emergency I See

An Ocean Of Emotion

Ah, December

Nov 2014

We All Live Downstream

November’s Dawn

Oct 2014

Portait Of A Fisherman

Kitchen Scales


Sept 2014


Fisherman’s Bend

Cowboys And Fishermen

Looking Up

If Jimmy Buffett Were A Setnetter

Dreams Of A Fisherman


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