About My Brain Sand

Welcome to My Brain Sand. A plunge into deep waters for an introvert who can kinda sorta tread water a little. This is the easiest way to collect my writings in one location for my friends.  For those who stumble upon this blog, I hope you find something that resonates with your life.

A little explanation. Brain sand is the gritty substance that forms in the brain as we age. There is no known function or detrimental aspect to the material, it is just a sign of aging. Physical evidence of the passage of time.

This blog is part of my collection of brain sand. It’s the grit I have tracked into my mind over the years and swept out onto the page. A compilation of writings pertaining to my life commercial fishing as a Cook Inlet setnetter as well as Alaska life in general with a few miscellaneous musings and random thoughts tossed in for good measure. All photographs posted are my own unless otherwise noted.  I hope you enjoy.

Sidebar plug: If the commercial fishing writings tickle your fancy, I highly recommend you set aside the last weekend in February and head to Astoria, Oregon for the annual Fisher Poets Gathering. You won’t find a better bargain. 15 bucks for several days of salty tales and sea yarns, some of them with a tad bit of the truth thrown in there somewhere.  Maybe I’ll see you there.


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