A Poet’s Confession


If I could describe the waves so you could hear them,

Or the salt spray so you could taste it.

If my words could make you squint at the sun shimmering on the water

Or make spongy sand appear beneath your feet

Or an ocean breeze ruffle through your hair.

If only I could impart the peace of this place,

But my efforts are meager at best,

For how can a small-time poet ever expect to out-write God?



8 thoughts on “A Poet’s Confession

  1. One of your best. I hope you choose this to read at your Poet events. It is very powerful. Annette and “Uncle John” as we jokingly call Werner are here for one day. They were in Poland and Germany visiting relatives. Rome also….etc. The pictures they took are incredible ….and the stories….about the World War pilots …his family…his mother escaping….they were on the bridge that Tom Hanks made the movie Bridge of Spies…..fascinating to say the least.

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