Blow Ye Winds


We need it to blow.
What’s that saying? Be careful what you wish for?
Fishing through a storm is dangerous. Launching is difficult. Landing is difficult. And everything that comes between is difficult.
The number of things that can go wrong are innumerable, and they all can happen in a heartbeat.
The summer has been beautiful. Sunny. Flat calm. And hot. Too hot.
The Upper Cook Inlet Commercial Fishing Information Hotline tells the story.
Escapement numbers click along; the run is strong. But our nets do not reflect that fact.
The water is warm. Salmon stay outside, run deep, and head straight for the river.
We need something to push the fish ashore.
I think of the Lapland sailors who bought wind knots from witches; they untied them to gain the desired wind.
Right now we need it to blow. Not so hard as to push the run past, but enough to blow them toward shore.
Probably more than a hitch. Less than a bend. Maybe a simple bowline of a breeze.
Blow, ye winds, blow.
But not too much.


One thought on “Blow Ye Winds

  1. I’m glad you posted this! It is really clever and fun to read, especially for people with a fishing background. I love the rope knot/windspeed knot exchange and the reference to the sailors who went before us. It also brings to mind the state of the Cook Inlet fisheries both climate-wise and political-wise. On both counts we need it to blow, become a bit choppy, to churn and cool the waters that have become overheated from both climate change and political debate. I love the whole piece, beautiful!

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