2015-08-22 17.53.49

Some speak of a mythical creature residing in the deep:
The dragon of the sea.
Legend says this fire breathing beast is so large that the sea boils when it swims near the surface.
I’ve been out there when it feels like the dragon must be near, belching his fire.
The water boils with white caps.
The sea gathers itself into folds.
Waves heap against the shore.
And we bob on the surface, a mere morsel for a monstrous beast.


2 thoughts on “Fury

  1. I love this. Like the picture too. Hope you do another book soon. Your writings are the best. I think you are talented then you seem to become “more talented”. Is that possible? It is.

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    • I do think my writing is growing. At least I hope it is. That’s the goal. I feel like I am stretching into new styles.

      I have enough for another book but need to take the time to put it together. My agent needs to bug me about that. First, I need to make sure I have 15 good minutes for the next Fisher Poet Gathering.


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