To The Ocean From Lord Byron And Me

Roll on, thou deep and dark blue Ocean — roll!
Ten thousand fleets sweep over thee in vain;
Man marks the earth with ruin — his control
Stops with the shore; — upon the watery plain

These words were once undoubtedly true
But today man’s mark can be found on the main
You’ve lost a bit of your deep azure hue
And now bear the blotch of humanity’s stain

Those who have caught the roar of your siren
Who see the destruction of what we revere
Hear this verse by the poet Lord Byron
And our hearts throb in grief for your watery sphere

We can’t see your tears, Do they fill you, dear Ocean
As you bear mortal’s mark on your watery plain
You keep rolling on with such measured devotion
In spite of the blotch of humanity’s stain

Note: The first stanza can be found in a poem listed under various titles (Apostrophe To The Ocean or The Ocean or simply The Sea) but it is from a longer piece titled Childe Harold’s Pilgimage. It is my hope that Lord Byron would not mind the borrow. It seemed appropriate for poetry month to post a classic and an original. This is a little of both.


2 thoughts on “To The Ocean From Lord Byron And Me

  1. I think Lord Byron would be pleased and proud about the borrow. The plastic and other nastiness now floating in the ocean, on the other hand, I think he would mind very much. What a beautiful and powerful poem.

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