Pieces Of Silver

The unblinking eye stares
Pupil unwavering
A gasp of the gill
What do you feel
How many of your kin have I caught throughout the years
Been paid for pounds of flesh
Blood money
It is not wicked, rather, it’s a blessing
I love fishing
I hope to continue for a lifetime
But it comes at a price
A price you pay
You are on your way to death
The river is the salmon’s boneyard
Your days are short
This helps assuage my feelings, but it is still the taking of life
Life feeds on life, a friend wistfully said
He is right
It is the way of all flesh
But if I ever become callous to that fact
If I ever see you as just another piece of silver
And feel joy with no regret
I will know I have fished too long
Far too long to say
Bless you


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