3407924The opener is set.  Everyone is schooling up ready to run to Astoria, Oregon at the end of the month for the annual Fisher Poets Gathering.  If you are going to be in the area Feb 27 to Mar 1, you should stop on by.  Best 15 bucks you will spend this year.  You can find the schedule at the Fisher Poets Gathering website.

Here’s a little encouragement — a writing of mine that was published in Anchored In Deep Water, a fisher poet anthology, as well as in my book Brain Sand.


Other people meet. Fishermen gather.

We gather at fish camp in the spring; open up cabins, mend gear, prep for the season, the family returning with the salmon.

We gather ’round the table for a mug up, discussing plans. Should we put out Cabin Set or Kahuna? Is the gear loaded? What time do we need to stop picking and start pulling? With today’s swell, is it calm enough to nose in and drop me off at Fergie, our tractor, so we can pull the beach nets into the skiff at high water slack? Or should we drive down mid-tide and yard the nets ashore before launching?

We gather ’round the totes to discuss the catch. Is it too late to say it’s still early? Do the fish seem bigger this year? What weighs more, a tote full of big fish or a tote full of small fish? (Fishing often lends itself to philosophical discussions.)

We gather at the weigh station to discuss scuttlebutt on where the reds are and when they are coming. Not that there is anything we can do about it, but the theories fly nonetheless.

And we gather thousands of miles from home to see family we’ve never met and never knew we had. We tell stories — some of them mostly true — and enjoy the camaraderie and common bonds forged among those who work on the water.

Other people meet. Fishermen gather.


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