O Chuitna

Alaskan friends, I encourage you to attend one of the viewings of the Chuitna film.  We need to value and protect our renewable, sustainable resources.  We only have one chance to get it right the first time.  The following is a poem I wrote about Chuitna last year.  Hope you enjoy it.


O Chuitna, I fear for you.
Man seeks to strip mine your wild salmon streams.
Outside interests bent once again on plundering the land.
Jobs provided will little benefit Alaskans.
Coal obtained will not benefit Alaskans.
The mess left behind will be left for Alaskans.
We will pay the price.
You will pay the price.

O Chuitna, Are there words enough?
Remove eleven miles of salmon stream, they say.
350 foot deep, they say.
But we’ll put it all back, they say, in 25 years.
Reclaim it.
Concerned citizens say it’s impossible.
Reason says it’s impossible.
But our government…
Our government says the burden of proof lies with those concerned to prove it’s impossible.

O Chuitna, I apologize for the hubris of man.
When are we going to learn?
When are we going to claim instead of attempt to reclaim?
There are few places left where we still have a chance to get it right the first time.
Will we?
O Chuitna.


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