An Invitation To The FisherPoets Gathering

It’s that time of year. Fisher Poets are getting ready to gather once again in Astoria, Oregon to share their yarns. Nothing foofy here, just men and women sharing poems and tales of their lives spent working on the water.  Oh, and one cowboy slipped into the ranks, but he is a fisherman at heart and catching his set is more than worth the price of admission. If you are going to be anywhere nearby during the last weekend in February, stop in. I challenge you to find a better way to spend 15 bucks on a weekend. Check it out at The FisherPoets Gathering. Maybe I’ll see you there.  (For TBT… here’s one I presented at last year’s Gathering.)


Song Of The Sirens

Is that the Song of the Sirens calling to me
Or simply the heartfelt tug of the sea
Bewitching innocence or enchanting guile
Either dangerous but worth the trial
For the honor of laboring upon the deep
When the water’s calm or storm waves heap
So I’ll take my chances and not stop my ear
Be the strains blameless or sullied I hear
I’ll listen with ardor and follow the score
Whether a whispered lilt or a gusty roar
Song of the Sirens or tug of the sea
Really, it’s all the same to me


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