On The 12 Days Round Christmas On Emergency I See

Here’s one to amuse my veterinary friends.  And for those of you who want to enjoy the holidays without an unexpected visit to your friendly neighborhood veterinarian, keep the critters out of the items listed below.  For more information, check out the website by the awesome folks down at the Pet Poison Helpline.

Loki wishes you and your furry critters loads of winter fun.




On the 12 days ’round Christmas on emergency I see…

A dog that’s drunk from bread dough
Another ate a corn cob
A cat ate some ribbon
A Yorkie was fed bacon
A kitten munched the holly
Another swallowed tinsel
A dog ingested raisins
A golden chewed light strings
A dog devoured chocolate
A lab ate (Insert anything under the sun here. Seriously!)
A schnauzer scarfed the ham
And a dog that ate the carcass of a turkey


4 thoughts on “On The 12 Days Round Christmas On Emergency I See

    • Agreed on the Lab – I induced vomiting in a youngster a few years ago after the owner reported that he ate most of a shoe. He vomited up most of the upper leather part of a ladies dress shoe, a dozen firecrackers (??), 5 flying ants, dirt, part of a shovel handle, and chocolate-covered coffee beans that were, by then, missing their chocolate. He never really seemed fazed by it, silly Lab.

      Nice blog – I’ve enjoyed reading it. You have a hard job! (Well, the fishing part seems hard to me, but the vet part ain’t easy either!)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks. I’m still fishing around a bit figuring out this blogging thing. I do have two very cool jobs.

        What won’t a lab eat? It is amazing what they can get down their gullet. And why? One of the great mysteries of life.

        That is an impressive list for a single emesis. Firecrackers? Good grief. That dog is going to keep you busy over the next few years.


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