We All Live Downstream


We need to realize
Open our steel eyes
Before we jeopardize
What we should all esteem

There is a place for enterprise
But we need to analyze and scrutinize
As they attempt to minimize and capitalize
For we all live downstream

From the Exxon spill to Mount Polley Mine
We’ve seen it time after time
A few resign or reassign as our beloved waterlines
Once pristine are now unclean

And we agonize as they apologize
Devise, reorganize, advertise
Leaving us to eulogize
And struggle to redeem

So before Pebble or Chuitna
Or damming the Susitna
Remember we all live on terra firma
And we all live downstream

There are several proposed projects in Alaska that stand to jeopardize wild salmon stocks and habitat.  The Mount Polley Mine disaster in British Columbia is a tragedy.  And a warning.  Something that should never be repeated.  We need to protect our renewable resources and our environment.  We all live downstream.


4 thoughts on “We All Live Downstream

  1. Your sister just tuned me onto your blog!!! I was wondering where my email poems went. I was missing them.
    This poem is so in tune with what is going on in our beautiful state. Our state’s motto on all projects should be “Save Our Salmon.” SOS.
    Thank you for your words. Your touch my heart.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, I forgot to tell everyone about the blog. I debated for a long time whether the world needed to hear yet another voice in the blogosphere, but decided it was an easier way make my writings available to those interested. Saves me time emailing everyone. Glad you liked this poem. Planning on presenting it in Astoria in February.


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