IMG_0863 Redoubt Fall

October comes in flaming bright
With falling leaves of gold and red
And oft goes out cold and white
The days of winter lie ahead

No longer dew to greet the morn
A spectral cloak is worn by dawn
The locks of nature have been shorn
Their frosted tips show summer’s gone

Snowbirds head to warmer climes
Preparing for cold are those who stay
The crisp air is nature’s chimes
Winter really is on the way

Still, every season has its splendor
Each with a singular song to sing
Autumn seeds fall, not in surrender
But as this year’s way to greet next spring


6 thoughts on “October

  1. Love that picture! October is mental in Seattle. It’s all over the place! Cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon! It’s a ridiculous quest to figure out how to dress!

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