Cowboys And Fishermen


I’ve always thought of cowboys as our landlocked brothers
Tho me, I’d always choose the sea, if I had my druthers
Both are known to toil away in the great outdoors
Cowboys upon the land, fishermen ’long the shores
There are boundless comparisons one could try to make
As for the differences, I’ll be brief for your sake
I never rode a bucking bull, but I’ve bucked an angry tide
No disrespect, I merely state, ’twas no eight second ride


4 thoughts on “Cowboys And Fishermen

    • Glad you liked this one Sal. Here’s the story behind it: I was out in the skiff, standing in the bow as we pounded down to the gear on a snotty day when this one came to me. I memorized it for the pick and when we hit shore, I sat on the bow, pulled my notebook from my back pocket, and scribbled it down. Polished it up the next day. It was written for a fisher poet friend of mine who is a cowboy with a big heart and a great sense of humor.


    • I’m planning on it. Hard to imagine not going at this point. It’s the one chance I have all year to catch up with a big bunch of my friends. I was so happy to see you in my corner couple years ago. Any chance of getting the Dubbers together down there?


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